Format: HD video, 4.10 min.

A single channel collage film as both documentation and standalone.
The intention of the films were to be shown as micro projections layered onto the space and merging with the sound and live voice.

The artist spent exactly 15 min documenting and investigating a small specified and unassuming space outside of a bookstore with sound, text,
voice and film. They separately re-worked the material and presented it as an intervention inside of the bookstore and in essence turning the space
inside out.

“Is the chirping of bicycle brakes a kind of music, and are sounds from other traffic part of a large and random composition? How we think about
the sounds that surround us determine much of our perception of reality,and a small change in the way we think. A little sharpening of the senses
can make everyday life turn into an ongoing work of art. Leif Jordansson musician and composer, took on such issues in his debut book “… on the
art of listening” which was published in the fall of 2014. It is a unified set of short texts about sound, music, composition, chance and improvisation.
At the Stockholm bookstore Rönnells he spoke with the publisher Jonas Ellerström about the book, and together with the opera singer Elisabeth
Wärnfeldt and video artist Peter Norrman converted Rönnells to an art and sound installation through an intervention of moving an anonymous
area outside the store, inside.”

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