Orkney Symphony Of The Magnetic North

13 experimental films for The Magnetic North live show. 
With Hannah Peel, Erland Cooper, and Simon Tong (The Verve, Gorillaz).

“When someone comes to you in a dream and tells you to make an album about your homeland – the Orkney islands- would you disregard it? Especially when that someone is Betty Corrigall, the Orcadian girl who in the 1770's killed herself having been cast out by her village after becoming pregnant by a visiting sailor?”

Well, would you? It’s the spark that led Orcadian singer-songwriter Erland Cooper to group together his Erland & The Carnival band mate Simon Tong and singer/orchestral arranger Hannah Peel (of last year’s solo The Broken Wave album) to form a new group, The Magnetic North, with a distinct purpose: the recording of Orkney: Symphony Of The Magnetic North

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