Peter Norrman and Anders Birgersson

Exhibited at Dunkers Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsingborg, Sweden November 2014 - March 15, 2015.

The project aims at bridging the geographical and emotional gap that exists between life in a
refugee camp (Jamam, South Sudan) and life in the western world (Sweden). It has previously (2013) been manifested as a documentary art installation shown in the 2 largest shopping centers in Sweden - Stockholmand Gothenburg - and in the largest and busiest public square in Malmö.

The artists travelled to Maban district, a barren and unforgiving landscape that is home to hundreds of thousands of refugees. They filmed everyday life in the camp with a specifically designed four-camera rig as well as single camera testimonials, resulting in a 37 minute 4 channel cube installation, surrounding the viewer, immersing them in the situation, and effectively removing the physical and emotional distance between the two worlds.

Full Installation, Dunkers Culture Center, Sweden 2015.
37.30 min.

Digital representation of full installation
37.07 min

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