5 documentary installations about artists and the creative process, using their homes, workspaces or surroundings as a departure points. They were all exhibited at Fotografiska (The Swedish Museum of Photography) in Stockholm for a one-day event only and consisted of 8 synchronized channels of video projected onto a 44 meter wide wall.

Directed, shot, edited and conceptualized specifically for this room at Fotografiska by Norrman + Birgersson, the piece interweaves cinematic portraits, 8 synchronized camera sequences, juxtapositional film fragments, immersive landscapes, and spatial sound design into a striking panoramic multi-screen experience using the site-specificness of the space to expand on the complexity of the creation and experience of a non-linear cinematic narrative.

PIETER TEN HOOPEN, photographer
(Clip mixes installation documentation and actual media. 5.49 min)

ANNA VON BRÖMSEN, photographer