PN/S (interdisciplinary production studio)

News 2014

November 2014

The I Am Here videoinstallation is now showing at Dunkers Culture Center in Helsingborg, Sweden.


July 2014

For the digital album "The Earth Is A Faraway Place" the composer and sound artist Leif Jordansson asked some of his film director friends to do a short film based on one of the tracks. The music and lyrics on this track/film is a collaboration with the swedish musician Peter Lemarc.

May 2014

A short film for the Minor Alps song Maxon. Processed found footage montaged with shot material.

March 2014

A single channel edit of the SCAN installation.

January 2014

The Sketchbook Project at Wythe Hotel

The Sketchbook Project, the world’s largest collection of artists’ sketchbooks is, for the month of January, working in collaboration with Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn to create a pop-up library in the hotel’s lobby which will feature 2,000 travel-themed sketchbooks. My book is one of the books currently available for viewing at the hotel!

News 2013

September 2013

Some digital installation views from I AM HERE - our project with the amazing Doctors Without Borders. The work aims at bridging the cultural gap that exists between the life in a refugee camp (Southsudan) and the life in the western world (Sweden). It will be manifested as an documentary art installation and initially shown in 3 large shopping centers in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg.

June 2013

The band The Magnetic North has re-issued their album Orkney: Symphony of the Magnetic North and I re-edited 8 of the 13 live films (made last year) for their summer tour 2013.

London Assembly Hall

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven

Paris Cite de la Musique

Grand Theatre de Lorient, France

May 2013

Currently working on a documentary art installation for Doctors Without Borders. Spent 10 days in Southsudan together with my collaborator Anders Birgersson shooting with specially constructed 360 camera rig using Gopro cameras. The piece will be installed in 3 major shopping malls in Sweden beginning late September.

February 2013



A guided tour through the archive’s extensive collection of moments. The archive continually conducts a large survey of the neurological nature of the Present and how it is percieved;
How long is a smile?
What do you remember of yesterday’s breakfast and what was the meaning of the chance meeting on the corner?

The Archive of Moments is a pseudo-scientific ritual and a musical lecture with visuals on the phenomenon and the art of seizing a moment.

Conceived and performed by:
Leif Jordansson - music
Peder Bjurman- text, direction
Peter Norrman - video, sculptures
Benjamin Quigley - guidance, text